Fashion jewellery can be described as a piece of adornment which is not made from valuable stones or metals yet it looks extremely trendy. This type of jewellery can be crafted from different materials such as plastic, acrylic, metal or semi-precious stones etc.

It got popular in the 1980s when girls started wearing big, colourful beaded bracelets on their wrists, gold-plated chic hoop earrings to make a style statement. The 1990s witnessed the popularity of chunky jewellery crafted from nickel having a silver finish. In 2000, sterling silver was considered an affordable option and employed in making sophisticated pieces of fashion jewellery preferred by teens as well as young adults.

Since then, it has greatly evolved and today it is presented in numerous styles and colours.

Fashion jewellery allows women to look classy without burning a hole in their pockets.

Fine or real jewellery made from gold or diamonds can be expensive especially when you have to match different pieces with your dresses. Fashion jewellery beautifully imitates the appearance of fine jewellery and at the same time, it is affordable since it is manufactured from less expensive materials. It allows women to wear a variety of magnificent pieces on different outfits.

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