Wedding Events

Planning a wedding is a tedious task, especially when you are on your own with no one else to assist you. With an intention to ease your stress, we at LIBAS DESIGNS work towards organizing and executing budget-friendly yet premium weddings. Our expert team of wedding planners specializes in covering local wedding celebrations as well as destination-based weddings.

Right from helping you choose the most appropriate wedding attire to suggesting the most fabulous wedding-destinations, we do it all for you. Moreover, we also take the prime onus of arranging catering services and booking the most desirable venue based on your personal preference.

How does it all work?

It is recommended that you set an appointment with us at least 20 days prior to the wedding day. During your first meet, you will be required to discuss with us your requirements. What is it that you are looking forward to; a traditional Indian wedding or one with a Western touch? Do you have a specific wedding destination or a venue in mind? Will you be choosing your own delicacies? These are some of the questions we may require an answer to.

In case you find it too difficult to make choices, do not worry. We’ll help you make the right choices. Once we are ready with a to-do list, our team then starts executing each of the listed aspect individually. During the process, we will keep you updated on all that’s happening. In case you wish to bring in some more suggestions, you are free to do so, and we’ll make it a point to add them up to the list.

How much do we charge?

We rightly understand that a wedding is an expensive affair. Adding up to your frustration is the stress you face while dealing with multiple things at the same time. Our prime motive is to organize a wedding that tells a story, a story that will be remembered for ever. But, we make sure all of this happens within your set budget.