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Bespoke Process

Bespoke tailoring process involves designing a garment from scratch based on the personal choices made by the customer in terms of design, fabric and the detailing. One can choose between

a fused suit and a full floating canvas suit.

The Bespoke process is a tedious one and requires the highest level of precision. Therefore, it is recommended that you book an appointment with us at least 15 days prior to the desired

delivery date.

Listed below are the steps involved in a traditional bespoke process:


First, you need to set up an appointment with one of our experts who will help you select the most appropriate designs, fabrics and the detailing options based on your personal requirements.


The experts start working on the design based on the selected features and measurements. Note that we keep a record of all our customer’s measurements. So, when you approach us in future,

we exactly know what rightly fits you.


Once the design is ready, our experts then create patterns. In ready-made garments, standard patterns are usually altered, but that’s not the case with bespoke-tailored clothing.

First Trial

This is the first trial phase, where the client gets an idea of what the suit will look like. Further alterations, if any, are noted down and handed over to the master.

Second Trial

Here, the suit gets some added details such as the lining and the finish. Necessary alternations are noted down again based on which the final changes are made.

Final Trial

This is when the client tries on the suit that has undergone all the necessary alternations.

We at LIBAS DESIGNS implement the traditional bespoke process with a modern-day approach. Right from the initial stage that involves the client preferences to constructing the most

desirable outfit, we ensure complete satisfaction to our client.